529 Plan: A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

From birthdays to holidays, there’s no better gift than a contribution to a Future Scholar 529 account. Unlike stuffed animals that will eventually flatten, or clothes they will soon outgrow, the gift of a college education will last a lifetime.

Future Scholar makes it easy for your friends and family to contribute to your child’s Future Scholar account.

529 Gifting With Future Scholar


Contribute by eGift

A 529 eGift is a great way for parents to ask friends and family to celebrate any occasion in their child's life by making a contribution to their Future Scholar account. Simply log into your Future Scholar account to get started.



Contribute to 529 plan by Mail

  • Download and print a Contribution Form
  • Mail the form and check to Future Scholar
  • Order a Greeting Card to notify the lucky recipient



Redeem a 529 Gift Card

If you received a Gift of College Gift Card, you can redeem it directly into your Future Scholar account.





Gift of an Education


Have questions?

Please see our 'Giving a 529 Gift' Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly,
we'd be more than happy to help you as you secure your child's future.