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Wondering what to give a loved one for a birthday, holiday or special occasion? A contribution to a child’s college savings plan is a gift that they’ll never outgrow and one that may benefit them for a lifetime. Contributing to a college education helps create a lifetime of opportunities for someone you care about. And a gift for them can mean tax benefits for you.

South Carolina offers a state income tax deduction of 100% of your contributions. Calculate your estimated state tax savings

You can contribute up to $70,000 ($140,000 for married couples) in a single five-year period without incurring gift taxes, as long as there are no further gifts made to the child in the same five-year period. Contributions of up to $15,000 per year ($30,000 for married couples) can be made without incurring federal gift taxes for tax year 2017.

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As an investor in Future Scholar, you’ve already taken an important step toward reaching your college savings goal and now eGift, a new gifting option, can help keep the momentum. eGift is an online way to invite family and friends, near and far, to celebrate any occasion or milestone in your beneficiary’s life. 

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