Future Scholar Direct Plan

Future Scholar offers three ways to invest within the Direct plan option. Each way offers a variety of portfolios designed to help meet your college saving goals.

Account owners can choose from the following three ways to invest: an age-based option, a target-allocation option or a single-fund option- whatever strategy works best for you.

Age Based Option

The Automatic Allocation choice allows you to follow an investment strategy that varies based on the age of the child or the number of years remaining before the child is expected to enroll in college. As enrollment in college draws near, the mix of investments in your account automatically shifts from more aggressive equities to more conservative fixed-income and money market mutual funds.The principal value is not guaranteed at any time.

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Target-Allocation Option

The Target-Allocation Option allows you to choose among seven target-allocation portfolios ranging from aggressive to more conservative, allowing you to choose a strategy best suited to your investment goals. Unlike the age-based portfolios that shift over time, your investment in an asset-allocation portfolio will remain constant unless you decide to change it.

Asset Allocation Portfolios


Portfolio Breakdown Portfolio name

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90% Equities, 10% Fixed Income and Cash
Future Scholar Aggressive Growth
80% Equities, 20% Fixed Income and Cash
Future Scholar Growth
60% Equities, 40% Fixed Income and Cash
Future Scholar Moderate Growth
50% Equities, 50% Fixed Income and Cash
Future Scholar Moderate
30% Equities, 70% Fixed Income and Cash
Future Scholar Moderately Conservative
15% Equities, 85% Fixed Income and Cash
Future Scholar Conservative
100% Fixed Income and Cash
Future Scholar College
  Equities  Fixed Income and Cash
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Single-fund Option

This investment choice allows you to customize a portfolio by selecting from a variety of offerings, each of which invests in a single underlying fund.

Columbia Portfolios

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