Financial Literacy Program

Understanding how money works
is the foundation for success

While the State Treasurer’s Office deals with many complex investment and financial arrangements worth billions of dollars, it all starts with a basic understanding of finance. That’s why State Treasurer Curtis Loftis is passionate about improving the financial literacy of our citizens.

Since 2016, Future Scholar has provided financial education resources to South Carolina schools at no cost to them or taxpayers. In addition to helping students learn about smart money habits, Future Scholar has worked to increase educators’ confidence in teaching financial literacy content by equipping them with the tools and resources they need to incorporate personal finance into their curriculum.

Financial Literacy in South Carolina

S.C. Financial Literacy Master Teacher Program

Treasurer Loftis is proud to administer the South Carolina Financial Literacy Master Teacher Program, sponsored by the Future Scholar 529 College Savings Plan.

The South Carolina Financial Literacy Master Teacher Program provides incentives to K-12 teachers who are experts in the area of financial literacy and have a desire to teach professional development workshops to other educators in their schools and districts. Through the program, participating teachers have access to specialized training and financial literacy curriculum resources that better enable them to promote financial literacy education in K-12 schools.

Interested in becoming a Financial Literacy Master Teacher?

See the graduates of Cohort Two, the 2023 graduating class of Financial Literacy Master Teachers: 
State Treasurer Curtis Loftis Honors 15 Graduates of SC Financial Literacy Master Teacher Program

Lucky Ducky and the Smart Plan Coloring Book

Created by Future Scholar in conjunction with noted S.C. cartoonist Robert Ariail, “Lucky Ducky and the Smart Plan” shares the story of how Papa Pig plans to save for Lucky Ducky's college education, promoting a fun and easy way for kids to start learning about the importance of saving for a future college education.

Download your free copy of the “Lucky Ducky and the Smart Plan” (PDF) here.

Financial Literacy Summer Reading List

No matter a child’s age, you can find opportunities to share a lesson or spark a conversation about personal finance. We’ve compiled a list of recommended books that can help young children understand how basic financial concepts, like budgeting, saving, spending and even problem solving, are part of our everyday lives.

Download the Financial Literacy Summer Reading List (PDF) here.