Future Scholar:
A Winning College Savings Game Plan

Saving for college isn’t impossible. It just takes the right game plan.

For the athletes playing in the NCAA Tournaments, a dream that once may have seemed impossible is about to become a reality. A goal they’ve been working toward since childhood is finally within their reach. It’s been a long road. But they made it.

Your children have dreams, too. For many of them, a college education is a big part of those dreams. With the cost of tuition rising every year, paying for college can feel like an impossible dream. But with the right game plan, dreams can happen.

Learn more about Future Scholar and choose a winning strategy that works for your family.

Commitment. Perseverance. Focus.

When you save with Future Scholar, college dreams can happen no matter which school your child chooses. You just need a game plan.

Check out our men's and women's tournament brackets to see how much it costs to attend each of the schools battling for the championship.

Start Early

When it comes to saving for college, it helps to start early. The longer you wait, the more you’ll need to contribute to your savings plan each month.

How much can you save? Use our calculators to get motivated!

Stay Focused

Consistency is the key to any winning strategy. Especially one that spans several years.

Automatic contributions are the easiest way to ensure your savings stay on track. It can even help you save more in the long run.

It’s a Team Effort

Individuals may make highlight reels, but they rarely take a team all the way. Future Scholar knows that college savings is a team effort too.

With several gifting options , it’s easy to let family and friends contribute to your child’s savings.

Ready to Set
Your Game Plan?