October 1, 2022

Holiday Shopping Starts Early: Get college savings on the gift list now

Just how early will holiday shopping begin this year? Forecasts from major retailers like Macy’s and Best Buy have predicted that the gift buying is starting earlier than ever. And judging by the giant Santa blow-ups that have been proudly presiding over Halloween pumpkins in stores since September, it’s hard to disagree.

Early shopping is a call to action for families with Future Scholar accounts. It’s time to get loved ones involved in college savings. Relatives and friends will be happy to know they have the opportunity to give your child the important gift of future education.

It’s super easy to share your Christmas wish, and now’s the time to do it.

Let eGift send your wish list

eGift makes things simple for everyone: Future Scholar account holders, their family and friends. This email invitation lets you send a personalized link to everyone who may have your child on their gift giving list. Recipients can then make a gift contribution using the link. It doesn’t get much easier in the gift-giving department than that.

If your child isn’t saving with Future Scholar, there’s a simple fix for that. You can open an account online, with any contribution amount. The holidays are a great time to get started, and you can use gifts to give your child’s new 529 college savings a boost.

Starting now keeps everyone out of the gift scramble

A gift to Future Scholar has benefits for the giver, too. A contribution to a child’s Future Scholar account can be deducted from the gift giver’s South Carolina income tax.

Perhaps an even more attractive benefit is the ability to avoid all the stress that comes with holiday shopping. It only takes a few minutes to make a Future Scholar gift online, and gift givers can even “shop” in their pajamas.

That’s why sending an eGift invitation early—while the carved pumpkins are still on display—is the smart move for everyone. You’ll make sure the early shoppers in your circle know your child will appreciate a meaningful present - the gift of college savings.

A gift for parents, too

Yes, a Future Scholar deposit makes a great gift for your child. It also happens to be a terrific gift for parents who are working hard to meet college saving goals.

Every dollar gifted to a child’s 529 college savings plan is a dollar their parents won’t have to save or borrow to cover tuition and expenses.

Send your eGift invitation now to be sure Future Scholar gets on holiday lists. College savings will be the gift your children truly treasure – especially when they head out into the world with a good education and less debt.