April 1, 2021

Future Scholar Flexibility Puts You in Control

When it comes to saving and investing for the future, one size simply doesn’t fit all. Your goals are unique to you and your family, so they require a plan that provides important options. Unfortunately, many savings vehicles have restrictions, rules, and limiting guidelines that make it difficult to leverage your money in the ways you want.

At Future Scholar, we understand the importance flexibility plays in giving you control. That’s why we designed a college savings program that provides South Carolina families like yours with the flexibility to save for higher education in ways that meet your savings needs and help you reach your goals.

Future Scholar and the Flexibility Factor

One reason South Carolina’s Future Scholar 529 College Savings Plan is recognized among the top programs of its kind is “the flexibility factor.” So if saving for college is at the top of your to-do list, you’ll want to take advantage of the plan that offers all of these important – and flexible – options:

1. Flexible in How You Contribute

With Future Scholar, there’s no minimum amount necessary to open an account, and you can make contributions as your family’s budget allows.

Anyone, including parents, grandparents, as well as other family and friends, can contribute to an account, and contributions can be made by check, through a one-time bank draft or by setting up a recurring payment from your bank account.

2. Flexible in the Way You Invest

Future Scholar offers three convenient ways to invest, so you’re sure to have an option that’s simple to use and fits your needs and objectives perfectly:

  • Age-Based Option. This investment strategy follows the age of your child and balances the level of risk with the number of years remaining before it’s time to enroll in college. As enrollment draws near, Future Scholar does the work for you, automatically shifting the investment mix from more aggressive equities to more conservative fixed-income options and money market mutual funds.
  • Target Allocation Option. When you choose this option, you select from one of seven different target-allocation portfolios that range from conservative to aggressive. With target allocation, you invest according to your own personal risk profile.
  • Single-Fund Option. Select this choice, and you will fully customize your portfolio by selecting a particular fund from a large variety of offerings.

3. Flexible in Where You Use the Funds

While you can plan ahead for your child’s education, you can’t always predict what your child’s dreams and goals will be. That’s why Future Scholar provides the flexibility to use your funds at any accredited school in the country and many international schools. The list includes colleges, universities, 2-year schools, 4-year colleges, technical colleges and graduate programs.

Is it your child’s dream to create mouth-watering gastronomical delights? Then, use Future Scholar savings for your budding chef’s culinary school tuition and supplies. Or perhaps you’d like to use your savings on a qualified apprenticeship that teaches specific skills your child hopes to master.

4. Flexible in How You Use the Funds

Not only can you use your funds where you want, but you’re also able to leverage them how you want. In addition to college tuition and fees, the money you save in your plan can be used to cover qualified educational expenses, such as:

  • The cost of housing and meals
  • Books, equipment, and other supplies (including computers) required for enrollment
  • Expenses required to participate in a registered apprenticeship program

Open a Future Scholar 529 College Savings Plan Today

The flexibility of Future Scholar begins when you open an account. These three convenient options will make the process of enrolling simple:

Option 1: Enroll Online. All you’ll need is some basic information for yourself and the student. Answer a few questions, and we’ll have your account opened in a matter of minutes.

Option 2: Print & Mail Application. If you’d prefer, you can print off an enrollment form, fill it out the old-fashioned way, and mail it in. As soon as we receive your application, your account will be eligible for contributions.

Option 3: Order an Enrollment Kit. Sometimes it’s helpful to have information on hand review with a spouse, parent, grandparent, or child to determine how to proceed. Fill out a quick form, and we’ll be happy to mail an enrollment kit anywhere in the United States.

Start saving today, and Future Scholar’s flexibility will put you in control of achieving your college savings goals!