Future Scholar Employee Benefits Program

Attract and keep employees with enhanced benefits

Employees today are looking for more than a paycheck. They want help with real-life concerns, including financial wellness. Companies have to go beyond traditional compensation and benefits.

Learn how the Future Scholar Employee Benefits Program provides a no-cost feature that can help attract and retain employees.

Why Future Scholar?

Simple to add and manage

The Future Scholar Employee Benefits Program is easy for companies and employees alike:

  • If your payroll system can accommodate more than one bank account for direct deposit, you’re already set up to offer Future Scholar as a direct payroll contribution.
  • No government reporting is required. Contributions are completed after income taxes are deducted.
  • Employees can manage accounts online, anytime.

No cost to you, invaluable to your employees

Employees today want more than a paycheck. A customizable benefits package gives employers a competitive edge in attracting and retaining employees:

  • A MetLife study showed that 53% of employees name “financial planning programs” as drivers that increase loyalty to their employer.
  • 76% of Millennials, currently the largest segment of the workforce, say that benefit choices increase their engagement and loyalty.
  • Employees can use Future Scholar to reduce their own student loan
  • Employees can deduct 100% of their contributions on their South Carolina state income tax returns. Account earnings grow tax-free, and withdrawals are free from state and federal income taxes when used for qualified education

We can help!

Here's how you can help employees understand the benefits of Future Scholar:

  • Make us a part of your next benefits fair
  • Schedule a free lunch-and-learn or webinar
  • Provide Future Scholar materials to your employees

To learn more or to schedule a presentation, contact us!

Give employees the chance to fulfill educational goals with less debt.Headshot of State Treasurer Curtis Loftis

"By adding Future Scholar to your employee benefits package, your business becomes more attractive to potential employees and shows your existing employees that you appreciate their hard work.

Most importantly, offering Future Scholar demonstrates that you value their families’ financial health and educational goals.”

– State Treasurer Curtis Loftis, administrator of Future Scholar

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